Wishing on a Lone Star

Growing up near Philadelphia, I loved being surrounded by America's history so close to home. A trip to visit the Declaration of Independence or a stroll by the liberty bell was right in my back yard. Despite Philadelphia's rich culture and beautiful suburbia, my heart started to turn South after multiple visits to Tennessee, Georgia, Florida and other Southern states. Ironically a yearn for independence crept up inside and my love of Southern hospitality turned my professional direction toward Texas. But why Texas?

I would argue that Texas represents independence more than the entire North East, United States. This difference became apparent after spending more time in the South during my teenage years as well as recent visits in early 2015.

We should be proud of our independence and I want to be surrounded by individuals who feel the same—citizens who realize how great this country truly is and feel honored to live and work here. My ultimate decision to move to Texas is to pursue life, love, and happiness. Now that I'm here, I'm all-in!

"This [Texan] flag, and subsequent variations of it, all featured a lone star, representing defiance, pride and — most importantly — independence."